What song did Hannah Montana sing at Disney's kids inaugural?

Answer Miley Cyus, who is also known as the Disney television character Hannah Montana, performed her single, "The Climb" at the Kid's Inaugural ball. "The Climb" is a ballad from the film "Hannah Montana... Read More »

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Does Heather Marie Parks have a contract to sing for Hannah Montana?

no becaus if u listing to Miley Cyrus really carfully and then listing to Hannah Montana carfully u will no its miley who sings for Hannah

What are the lyrics to Hannah Montana drug party song?

The school bell rings at 9 am I see my friends and say hi to them Head to homeroom and then geewiz my algebra teacher throws a pop quiz I eat fish sticks in the cafeteria The gymnasium smells l... Read More »

What is the song true friends by Hannah Montana about?

It's about a true friend because she's singing about it

What was Hannah Montana wearing first song in episod 3?