I hate devices that have good battery life and I really hate it when things just work. Is Bluetooth for me?

Answer nope. I hate bluetooth. I hate the drivers that drive and talk. Just cause its hands free doesn't mean that you are paying attention. BLUETOOTH is not a good thing. Its a status symbol and a way to... Read More »

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How to Get a Girl to Hate You?

This girl is nice, but she thinks she's in love with you and she's kind of annoying. You don't want to hurt her feelings and also know you will even if you just nicely tell her you're not intereste... Read More »

I hate being a black girl !!!!!?

i am white and live in the usa and i think you should come and live here. those people are totally racist if that's the way it is. that sucks. im sorry to hear that african american people here are... Read More »

Guys/girls - do you hate it when a girl has...?

I have my walls painted hot pink, and I'm 18. I think if you accessorize correctly and use a bedding that fits you age, the room doesn't look childish at all :]

How to Look Good in Clothes You Hate?

It's pretty hard to say that you enjoy every single outfit in your closet. Here's how to spruce up an outfit that you may dislike: