What software I'm going to use for black-boxing my cellphone?

Answer It depends.

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If a cellphone has A-gps do you have to pay for data if you already have gps software?

If its already on your phone you don't need to pay for anything its automatic through satalite the only thing you might be worried about it how fast it goes some go slower or faster than others

My daughter is ten years old and she want a cellphone.i give her the cellphone or not?

seriously what does a 10yr old need a cell phone for? Other than a status symbol?

When your cellphone screen goes idle ( turns black) do u ever use the dark screen as a mirror?

ALL THE TIME!! A lot of the time I don't have a mirror and the screen works better than nothingg!

Hear others cellphone conversation in your cellphone?

Answer yes you can by calling them at same time, if you have the elite06 celphone that is new it is 1000.00