What socket is Celeron?

Answer As of 2010, Celeron processors for desktop computers use the LGA 1156 socket, which Intel's i3, i5 and i7 processors also use. Intel has used the Celeron brand name since 1998, and Celeron processo... Read More »

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How to Upgrade My Celeron D Socket 478?

Most computers with the Celeron Socket 478 processor can be upgraded to a Pentium 4 processor, but you should check the motherboard vendor's website for CPU compatibility. Though you could also jus... Read More »

What socket is the Intel Celeron 2 GHZ?

The Willamette and Northwood core Celeron 2.0 GHz processors both require Socket 478 motherboards, while the 2.0 GHz Celeron 440 with the Conroe-L core requires a Socket 775 (LGA 775) motherboard. ... Read More »

Will a Pentium III work in my Socket 370 Celeron motherboard?

A Socket 370 Celeron motherboard supports four types of Pentium III processors--the Coppermine Series FC-PGA and FC-PGA2, the Coppermine-T Series and the Tualatin Series FC-PGA2. A Socket 370 Celer... Read More »

What socket is in an Intel Celeron 2 ghz 7240a269-0583?

There is no listed Intel motherboard that has the product number "7240a269-0583;" however, Intel Celeron processors have been produced to fit sockets such as: Slot 1; Socket 370; Socket 478, LGA 77... Read More »