What small change can you do to make the world better by the help of Wikipedia?

Answer Eliminate Wikipedia! It's horrible from a learning standpoint considering the fact that it has been changed so much with blusilht that isn't true.

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How did Oprah Winfrey make a change in the world?

Why did my wikipedia turn blue and the print got really small?

Press ctrl-0 on Windows (or Linux, possibly?), or command-0 on Mac OS. That should reset your browser's scale of the site and fix the problem, or so I've heard.

Wikipedia opens in very tiny font way too small to read. How do I get it back to normal?

Hold down the control key while turning your mouse wheel.

What's better - a blank topic in Wikipedia, or an article completed for a small payment from the subject?

Blank or sparse articles on Wikipedia really disturb me, so a paid article situation sounds like a good idea to me. While a paid editor would carry some concerns about objectivity, I know that I wo... Read More »