What small change can you do to make the world better by the help of Wikipedia?

Answer Eliminate Wikipedia! It's horrible from a learning standpoint considering the fact that it has been changed so much with blusilht that isn't true.

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What's better - a blank topic in Wikipedia, or an article completed for a small payment from the subject?

Blank or sparse articles on Wikipedia really disturb me, so a paid article situation sounds like a good idea to me. While a paid editor would carry some concerns about objectivity, I know that I wo... Read More »

Would Wikipedia be better if it was add based It's one of the top 4 websites in the world yet it has?

It has been a long running discussion within the Wikipedia community. The current view is that Wikipedia is better without advertisements. The discussion continues.

Help .. To edit in Wikipedia ,I have to make a new account every day in Wikipedia to edit . Log in problem ..?

Sounds like you are not saving the cookie sent each time you sign up. Make sure you accept the cookie and that cookies aren't deleted every time you shut down the computer.

How do you make sex better with a small partner?

Sure. Plenty.- Do more sexual activities that aren't intercourse. Oral sex and manual sex will most likely bring you lots of pleasure. And performing oral sex on him is easier for you, because of h... Read More »