What skin conditions cause hair loss in puppies?

Answer Hair loss, or alopecia, in puppies is most commonly caused by allergic reactions to food, skin antibiotics, inhalants, fleas and contact with irritating substances. Other skin conditions leading to... Read More »

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What medical conditions cause hair loss?

Normally, people shed up to 100 hairs a day. Some medical conditions that could cause excessive hair loss are alopecia areata, chemotherapy due to cancer, diabetes, scalp infections such as ring wo... Read More »

Which medical conditions cause weight loss?

While many people try to lose weight, not all weight loss is intentional. Some medical conditions can cause weight loss and should be monitored. If you have begun losing weight with no changes to y... Read More »

What are the causes of hair loss in puppies?

If you notice that your puppy is starting to develop bald spots or thinning hair, it is easy to panic. However, there are many common, treatable reasons for hair loss in young canines.Food Allergie... Read More »

Hair Loss on Puppies?

At around 6 months, most puppies start to lose their puppy hair. This is a normal process in a dog's life-cycle. If you notice that your puppy has developed bald spots that are red and itchy, or ha... Read More »