Who plays Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason?

Answer Numerous actors have donned the hockey mask of Jason Voorhees over the years. In "Freddy vs. Jason" he was played by actor Ken Kirzinger as an adult, and Spencer Stump as a little boy.Source:Intern... Read More »

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What TV series does Jason Bateman play a writer?

He had access to the blueprints as his firm was the one who built the prison. Also, he was able to copy the blueprints on his body in the form of cunningly crafed tatoos.

What TV character on NBC does Jason Lee play on Thursday nights?

Jason Lee plays Earl in my name is earl on Thursday nights.

What motorcycle does Jason ride in the Bourne Ultimatum and is it road legal in the UK?

One person on the Internet Movie Cars Databas ( thinks it could be a trials bike from Gas Gas.…

What does ABEC mean in skateboard bearings?

The Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) uses the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 to rate skateboard bearings; the higher the ABEC rating, the higher the precision and tighter the tolerance of the... Read More »