What size wire should I use for tanning bed installation?

Answer On One Hand: Some Beds Require LessThere are many tanning beds which can run on a standard home electrical set-up without tripping any breakers. According to, the Sunquest 1000S ... Read More »

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What size wire should I use for a 100 amp service?

Copper wire must be gauge three or thicker to handle 100-amp loads. Aluminum wire should be gauge one. Check the ratings printed on the wire insulation to make sure it can handle 100 amps. Local bu... Read More »

What size wire do you use if you are require to wire a 6-20amp 220volt outlet?

What size wire is used to wire a house?

The most common type of wiring used in houses in the Unites States is called Romex, and is technically known as NMD 90. This cable is typically white and houses two conductor wires and a bare groun... Read More »

Best kind of wire for in-wall speaker wire installation?

16 or 14 guage does infact refer to the thickness of the wire. The more power (watts) you are delivering through the speakers the heavier guage wire you want to use. (14g is thicker than 16g). T... Read More »