What size wire do I use for a 100-amp panel?

Answer Nowadays,100-amp panels are being phased out in favor of circuit-breaker panels with capacities of at least 200 amps and larger. The National Electric Code recommends 4 AWG wire as the highest spec... Read More »

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How do I Wire the Green and Red Telephone Wire to a RJ25 Modular Panel Jack?

Installing new phone cabling is an easy way to save money. Several types of jacks and cables are available for voice and data applications. Four and six position jacks are used for voice and eight ... Read More »

What size wire do you use if you are require to wire a 6-20amp 220volt outlet?

How to Wire a 100 Amp Sub Panel?

A sub panel located in your garage or shop can make controlling and installing large tools easier. Instead of running a new circuit from your main service panel, you can use the sub panel as a poin... Read More »

What Is a Wire Management Panel?

A wire management panel is a device that organizes cabling vertically and horizontally in data and telecommunications infrastructure rooms. Wiring across long cable runs is managed using D rings mo... Read More »