What size windshield does one need for a motorcycle?

Answer Windshields for motorcycles aren't required by law. But, if you choose to use one, the top of the windshield should fall between 3 to 4 inches below your sitting eye level. This gives you the prote... Read More »

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What size motorcycle chain do you need?

On One Hand: Longer is BetterThere is no single answer on which chain a motorcycle needs. Although the factory specification is a good place to look first, keep in mind usage patterns and modificat... Read More »

What size tires does a 1998 Honda Shadow motorcycle take?

All 1998 Honda Shadow motorcycles use a 170/80-15 rear tire. However, the width of the front tire varies among models. The VT600 uses a 100/90-19 front tire, while the VT750 and VT1100 use a 120/90... Read More »

What does one need to get motorcycle insurance?

It is illegal in many states to operate a motorcycle without insurance. However, many drivers are unaware of what they might need to purchase motorcycle coverage. There are various requirements tha... Read More »

What size tires does a Saturn SL2 need?

The SL2 sedan is a four-door, front-wheel drive car manufactured by Saturn. The standard tires for the SL2 are size P185/65R15 86T, and the wheels are 15 inches. These tires are available in many p... Read More »