What size toms shoe are you if you are 7.5 in woman?

Answer toms stretch out when u get them ad wear them so u need to go a size down! if I were u I would get a 7. they may feel too tighter first but once u wear them they will stretch out!

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What size TOMS am I ?

Well I don't know, but since your kind of in between maybe a 5 1/2?

What size TOMS am I Pleaseeee help!?

I think you should maybe get a 5.5 size? Since you range from size 5 to a 6 you should try going in between. But since I dont really know, you should just go to the mall and try them on to see what... Read More »

What size am I in womens shoe size on Ebay link attached?

I normally get a size bigger(instead of 10 sometimes I get 11/12), I suggest getting a 5 and a half

What size are 37/38 scuba fins in a regular shoe size?

Scuba fin sizes correspond to shoe size, so a 37/38 fin in the European system is a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 in the American system. If you dive in cold waters and need thick neoprene wetboots, you need a bi... Read More »