What size tires will fit a wide rear rim on a Harley?

Answer The tire size is limited by the rim size. It is acceptable to go one size wider than the rim with no ill effect. So if you have a 150-mm rim, you can go to a 160-mm tire. If you want to go any wide... Read More »

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What size should i get for my rear tires?

I'm running a 285/30 in the rear on a 10" and they look,fit and perform just fine.

What size rim will fit a 15-inch wide tire?

The diameter of a tire should match the same diameter of the rim or wheel. If the the tire specified has a width of 15 inches, then the appropriate wheel or rim will be 15 inches as well.Source:Tir... Read More »

What size wheel will fit a 15 inch wide tire?

According to, the tire size indicated on the sidewall of a tire also indicates the size of the wheel that fits that tire. Therefore, a tire with a diameter of 15 inches should be match... Read More »

What tires will fit a 16.5 rim size?

A 16.5-inch rim should only be mounted with a 16.5-inch tire. This is an important safety issue as 16-inch and 17-inch tires can appear to fit on a 16.5-inch rim.Source:Rubber Manufacturers Associa... Read More »