What size tires will fit a 15x7 wheel?

Answer A 15-by-7 inch wheel needs a tire width of 180 mm and a diameter of 15 inches, as indicated by the first and last digits in the tire size code, respectively. The aspect ratio and tread can vary. Fo... Read More »

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What tires will fit a 16.5 rim size?

A 16.5-inch rim should only be mounted with a 16.5-inch tire. This is an important safety issue as 16-inch and 17-inch tires can appear to fit on a 16.5-inch rim.Source:Rubber Manufacturers Associa... Read More »

What size tires will fit 14 x 7 rims?

There are lots of options. A 14x7 rim can hold a variety of tire sizes. Without any information relative to a particular model, a 225/70/14 would be most common tire for this size rim.References:T... Read More »

What size rim will fit 35x12.5 tires?

Use 10-inch-wide rims for 35-by-12.50 tires. The outside diameter of the wheel must match the diameter of the inside portion of the tire. Most tires this size use 15- to 17-inch diameter wheels. Bo... Read More »

What size tires will fit on a lifted truck?

The truck's make and model and lift height will determine the size of tires that will fit. On average, a lift of 2 inches will accommodate a tire diameter of 33 inches. Each incremental addition in... Read More »