What size tires should I run on my street rod?

Answer On One Hand: The Size You Start WithThe safest tire for your street rod measures the same size as the one that originally came with the car. The car is designed to work with this size tire. If you ... Read More »

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Can your tires come out the side of your vehicle&still be street legal?

Yes. Vehicle specifications are regulated by state and can vary, but total vehicle width--not the percentages of width apportioned to tire and vehicle--determines street legality. Keep in mind, how... Read More »

Tires size 195/65/15 vs 195/60/15?

Hi,195/65/15=tyre width/ aspect ratio/rim diameter195/60/15=tyre width/ aspect ratio/rim diameterNow difference i aspect ratio or can say profile. A tire with a lower aspect ratio responds to later... Read More »

Can You Mix Different Size Tires?

You should not mix tire sizes unless your vehicle was specifically designed to operate with different size tires. Mixing tire sizes can result in handling, steering and performance discrepancies.So... Read More »

What tires will fit a 16.5 rim size?

A 16.5-inch rim should only be mounted with a 16.5-inch tire. This is an important safety issue as 16-inch and 17-inch tires can appear to fit on a 16.5-inch rim.Source:Rubber Manufacturers Associa... Read More »