What size tire goes on a 20x11 corvette rim ?

Answer The 20-by-11-inch rim is an optional rear-wheel size for the 2009 Corvette C6 Z06 sports car. The tire that fits that large rear wheel is P325/ Tire Size FinderSlickcar.... Read More »

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What size tire goes on a Corvette 20 x 11 rim?

The recommended tire size for a corvette's 20 x 11" (rear) rim is 285/30-20, though the best fit can vary by brand. Continental SP tires, for instance, can accommodate 305-25ZR20.Source:Corvette F... Read More »

What size tire goes on a 19x11 corvette rim?

The factory tire size for the rear 19-by-11 inch rim on a Z06 Corvette is 325/30-19.Source:Rear tire size for Z06 Corvette

What size tires and rims for a Corvette Z06 20x11?

The stock tire size for the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is P275/35ZR18 for the front and P325/20ZR19 for the rear. Z06 Corvettes use 18-inch wheels on the front and 19-inch wheels on the rear. 2... Read More »

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