What size tire does my car use?

Answer Correct tire size is critical to the safe and proper performance of any vehicle. There are a few ways to determine what tire size is right for your car, and this information is important to obtain ... Read More »

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Does Wheel Size Determine the Tire Size?

Yes. The size is marked on the tire wall with a number similar to this: P185/75 R-14. This tire fits on a 14-inch diameter rim. However, this same wheel may take tires of different width (185mm) an... Read More »

What does tire size 87H mean?

The 87H printed on a tire is not the size. The size will be a string of number and letters that looks like 195/60R14 87H. The 195/60R14 is the tire size and the 87H is the load and speed rating. Th... Read More »

What size tire does a Chevy Tracker use?

The Chevy Tracker was made between 1999 and 2004. Chevy Trackers often came standard with size P205/75R15 tires. All season tires, size P215/70R15, can be used on the Tracker as well.Source:Geo Par... Read More »

What does the first number mean in tire size?

The first number advertised on the side of the vehicle tire represents the width of the tire. This figure is measured in millimeters. The number is located after the letter abbreviation that signif... Read More »