What size tire can i put on my f250?

Answer The size of an F-250's tires vary depending on year and trim of the truck. A 2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty XL 4x2 Regular Cab can fit a LT245/75R17/E size tire, according to Goodyear Tires.Source:Good... Read More »

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How to Remove a Spare Tire From a F250 Superduty Ford?

Changing the tire on your Ford F-250 involves pulling the spare tire down from underneath the bed of the truck. The truck is equipped with special tools that will help you to pull the tire down. Th... Read More »

Does Wheel Size Determine the Tire Size?

Yes. The size is marked on the tire wall with a number similar to this: P185/75 R-14. This tire fits on a 14-inch diameter rim. However, this same wheel may take tires of different width (185mm) an... Read More »

What size tire do i need for size 17 rims?

Automobile tires are specified by three numbers for size: width, sidewall aspect ratio and rim diameter, listed respectively. To fit a 17-inch rim, the last number of the tire size must be 17, such... Read More »

If My Tire Size Is 265/75/15, Can I Use a 265/75/16 Tire?

At first glance, tire size numbering can be confusing. You may wonder if a 265/75/15 tire is interchangeable with a 265/75/16 tire. Once you understand the tire sizing format, it will become appare... Read More »