What size socket is used for a 0-80 screw?

Answer The smallest type of machine screws above miniatures are 0-80 screws, which should be installed with a 5/32-inch socket. These screws also are known as #0 screws. A 5/32-inch socket also is used fo... Read More »

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What size screw is typical used for a Device box and a faceplate?

The screw that attached a switch or receptacle to a device box or mud ring is a 6-32 machine screw. Cover plate screws are also 6-32's. A junction box like a 4" square box has 8-32 screws on opposi... Read More »

Where can i buy a screw extractor for a stripped screw which is size #00. The screw is stripped and is stuck.?…I have worked mechanics for a long time, and this has ALWAYS worked for me. We have even gone so far as to use it removing screws from a busted block moun... Read More »

What is a number 6 size screw?

It refers to the diameter of the screw. More precisely, it is a 0.138" diameter screw. You can get it in with various head style and thread pitch.

What is the drill bit size for a number 8 screw?

When drilling a pilot hole for a No. 8 screw, the proper drill bit to use depends on the kind of wood being drilled into. For softwoods, use a 5/64-inch bit, or as close as you have. For hardwoods,... Read More »