What size should my cache be?

Answer The cache for most browsers in an up to date computer is anywhere from 0 to 500 megabytes. The recommended size for optimal performance is 50 megabytes. This means your browser stores up to 50 megs... Read More »

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What is the cache size for Google Maps?

According to Free Geography Tools, the cache size of Google Earth depends on the system memory and hard drive. However, the maximum memory cache size is 500 MB and the maximum disk cache size is 2,... Read More »

When using 2 500GB HDD's for a RAID 0 config does the cache size have to match?

nope, the size doesnt even have to match, but it will just use the least amount of hdd space available.for example, 2x250gb and 1x 400gb will net you a 750gb or thereabouts drive. of course its alw... Read More »

What Size Area Rug Should Be Used in What Size Room?

Area rugs can be expensive, major design statements in a room or whimsical, playful statements purchased at big box stores or online. A large area rug often dictates a room's decor style, mood and ... Read More »

What size of PSU should I get?

I would recommend a 650 or 850w PSU.If you plan on SLI'ing in the future, or just want the large headroom, get an 850w. If you just plan on using one GPU, a 650w will be fine. My PC is near identic... Read More »