What size should a furnace filter be?

Answer On One Hand: Proper Sizes for FurnacesForced air furnaces or electric furnaces require a filter in order to function properly. This reduces the dust in the air and helps your furnace function more ... Read More »

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What size furnace filter is used for a Honeywell furnace?

Honeywell furnace filters come in a range of sizes depending on the size of your furnace. Honeywell filter sizes are 16 inches by 20 inches, 16 inches by 25 inches, 20 inches by 20 inches, 20 inche... Read More »

What size furnace should a 700 sq ft home have?

The right furnace for a 700 foot home will vary depending on where it is located. A 16,000 BTU furnace is adequate for Los Angeles, but cities like Saint Paul require 28,000 BTUs. Issues such as in... Read More »

How often should a gas furnace filter be changed?

On average, a gas furnace filter should be changed every three months. However if there are smokers or pets in the home, or if the manufacturer of the furnace suggests it, filters should be changed... Read More »

Which way should the arrow point on furnace air filter?

The arrow on a furnace air filter should point in the direction of the air flow. Since a filter is designed to clean the air before it reaches the blower on a furnace or A/C unit, the arrow should ... Read More »