What size sd card would you need to hold 100 pictures?

Answer you dropped it but it depends on how you want them to know that it broke like whether you want a new one or that it simply broke

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How many pictures resolution 4416 x 3312 can a 128 MB SD memory card hold in a 14.7 mega pixel camera hold?

How many pictures and how GB sd card hold and how many hours doe's a 16 GB sd card hold?

probably v small piece of paper trapped behind & between white rollers try vacuum cleaner with small nozzle to suck it out

How many pictures does a 8 GB SD card hold?

It has 'firmware' that run the basic scanning functions, as well as software (a 'driver') that allows it to be controlled by an imaging program such as Photoshop or Paintshop. The scanner also com... Read More »

How many pictures will an SD card hold?

SD cards do not have a standard carrying capacity, according to the SD Association. As of 2010, the highest-capacity SD cards can carry up to 2TB (terabyte) of media. A more moderate 32GB card can ... Read More »