What size saddle bag fits the Kawasaki Eliminator?

Answer No saddlebag is designed specifically for a Kawasaki Eliminator. Depending on the model/year of the Eliminator, aftermarket brackets can be attached to accommodate saddle bags without damaging the ... Read More »

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What oil filter fits a Kawasaki 21-hp motor?

A 21-hp Kawasaki engine is a typical motor for riding and other large lawn mowers. The oil filter for this engine is Kawasaki part number 49065-2078, and a common store where you can find one is Ho... Read More »

What size tire fits a 15 x 10 rim?

A 15x10 rim should only be mounted with tires that have a 15-inch diameter. The width of these tires may generally range from 11.61 inches to 13.58 inches for a passenger car.Source:Buick Tire Info... Read More »

What size tire fits on a 15x10?

The 15 in "15x10" designates that the rim is 15 inches in diameter and should be fitted with tires of the same diameter. The width of the rim is 10 inches, but the proper tires will be between 11.6... Read More »

What size tire fits a 26x1.50 rim?

When referring to bike tire size, there are two numbers to consider. For example, when looking for a tire that fits a 26x1.50 rim, you should search for a tire that is marked with the same numbers ... Read More »