What size pump do I need for my fountain?

Answer Selection of a pump for a fountain depends on your needs. There are two types of pumps: external and submersible. Submersible sits in your fountain, and external sits on the outside of the fountain... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Size of a Fountain Pump?

The first part of calculating the right size fountain pump for your fountain is deciding what type of fountain you are after: a spray fountain or a jet fountain. Spray fountains create a more horiz... Read More »

What size pump do I need for my pond?

Pond pumps are electrical, recirculating, submersible pumps used to power garden ponds and pond filters. They are designed for continuous use, unlike sump pumps that run intermittently, so energy e... Read More »

What size heat pump do I need for my house?

Manufacturers and retailers offer a wide array of heat pumps, and heat-pump selection is a unique process that each homeowner must carefully consider. Choosing these devices--which move heat from a... Read More »

What size swimming pool pump do I need?

Your swimming pool pump helps circulate water so it does not stagnate and will move through the pool's filter. The size of a swimming pool pump is measured by how much water it can pump per minute.... Read More »