What size pump do I need for my fountain?

Answer Selection of a pump for a fountain depends on your needs. There are two types of pumps: external and submersible. Submersible sits in your fountain, and external sits on the outside of the fountain... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Size of a Fountain Pump?

The first part of calculating the right size fountain pump for your fountain is deciding what type of fountain you are after: a spray fountain or a jet fountain. Spray fountains create a more horiz... Read More »

What kind of pump is used in a fountain in a 1/3-acre pond?

The type of pump used to operate a fountain in a 1/3-acre pond is a 1/2- to 1-horsepower submersible pump. These pumps are rated for continuous underwater use and can be attached to virtually any k... Read More »

How to Clean the Water Pump for Your Cat/Dog's Petmate Drinking Fountain?

If you live with a cat or a dog, you might own a PetMate Drinking Fountain. If you notice the water isn't cascading down the front like it's supposed to, try cleaning the water pump before spending... Read More »

What is the Name of fountain for song three coins in the fountain?