What size pump do I need for an above-ground pool?

Answer On One Hand: Size of PoolThe area of your pool is an important factor when determining the best pump for an above-ground pool. Pumps are generally sized to the area and gallons of water processed i... Read More »

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What size pump is needed for a 28 foot above ground pool?

The size of pump needed for any pool varies depending on factors such as how much use the pool sees and the shape of the pool involved, which dictates the gallons involved. Plan to purchase a pool ... Read More »

What size pump is needed for a 15 x 30 oval above-ground pool?

The proper pump size needed for a 15 by 30, oval above-ground pool is a 1 to 1.5 horsepower pump. This is the correct size needed to properly circulate and cleanse the pool water.References:Back Ya... Read More »

How do you measure your pool to know what size liner you need for an above ground oval pool?

It all depends on what shape the pool is. Rectangle : L X W X Height Free-form pools like kidneys etc, need a lot more detailing.

If your pool is an 18'x48' above ground and you want to make the pool deeper what size liner would you buy?

Answer An expandable liner for 48" pools. Specify when ordering from your dealer. There's different shapes for the extra depth such as a dish shape and a deep end for an oval pool. http://www.Il... Read More »