What size power supply would I need for GPU's?

Answer 500 watt power supplies are usually recommended for 6870s.Additionally, your 12v rail only provides 22 amperes. You would probably want to double that.

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What size power supply do I need for my PC?

On One Hand: Add Component Power UsageAdd up all the components that will be powered by your power supply unit and choose one that can provide at least that much wattage. For example, a computer u... Read More »

What size power supply does my computer need with a usb printer?

The typical desktop computer with a dual-core processor and a USB printer needs a power supply between 350 and 400 watts. For each additional USB device or video card add 50 watts.References:Asus: ... Read More »

How Do I Detemine What Size Power Supply a Computer Needs?

Decide on everything that will be in your computer. There is no simple way to determine the exact power needs of your computer. Virtually all new power supplies that are 350 watts or more will more... Read More »

What size resistor is required for a 12v power supply for LEDs?

For a 12 volt power supply a 1,000 ohm resistor should do the trick. Please note that it is important that you never connect LEDs directly to a power supply or battery or else they will break. The ... Read More »