What size pot should I plant tomatoes in?

Answer Texas A&M Horticulturalist Joseph G. Masabni recommends planting one tomato plant per 5-gallon container. Tomato varieties that are well-suited for growing in a pot include Patio, Spring Giant, Sma... Read More »

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In what month should you plant tomatoes?

If you intend to start tomatoes from seed, you can start them indoors, in a seedling greenhouse or window sill, as early February. These plants, or plants that you purchase, should not be put or pl... Read More »

How deep should I plant tomatoes?

Dig a hole deep enough to accept the tomato plant's root ball and stem up to the first set of true leaves. The buried stem will grow additional roots, and the healthier plant will produce a higher ... Read More »

When should you plant tomatoes in the Detroit area?

Tomatoes are warm-weather vegetables that will not tolerate cold or frost. If you live in the Detroit area it's best to plant tomatoes in mid- to late May, once all chance of frost has passed and s... Read More »

How far should you plant tomatoes from each other?

Space tomato plants 18 to 24 inches apart in your garden if you use tomato cages, stakes or trellises. Plant tomatoes 36 to 48 inches apart if you do not train or cage the plants.References:Nationa... Read More »