What size pond heater do I need for my pond?

Answer On One Hand: Pond Heater Only Required With FishA pond heater is an available option to purchase for the pond if the owner chooses to stock the water with fish, especially Koi. According to Garden ... Read More »

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What size pond filter do I need for a 1,200 gallon pond?

Once upon a time, finding a filter for an outdoor pond was simple; you divided the volume of the pond by half to find the size of pump needed to power a canister filter. Today, a 1,200 gallon pond ... Read More »

How do I choose the right pond heater size?

Determining Heater SizeDetermine how many gallons of water your pond holds. Measure the length, depth and width of your pond. Multiply those numbers together, and multiply that by 7.5, which is the... Read More »

What size pump do I need for my pond?

Pond pumps are electrical, recirculating, submersible pumps used to power garden ponds and pond filters. They are designed for continuous use, unlike sump pumps that run intermittently, so energy e... Read More »

What size pond do you need for fish?

To build a decorative fish pond, first determine the type of fish you want. For example, a koi pond should hold at least 1,000 gallons of water and be 3 to 5 feet deep. A goldfish pond should be ab... Read More »