What size pond filter do I need for a 1,200 gallon pond?

Answer Once upon a time, finding a filter for an outdoor pond was simple; you divided the volume of the pond by half to find the size of pump needed to power a canister filter. Today, a 1,200 gallon pond ... Read More »

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What size pond heater do I need for my pond?

On One Hand: Pond Heater Only Required With FishA pond heater is an available option to purchase for the pond if the owner chooses to stock the water with fish, especially Koi. According to Garden ... Read More »

What kind of filter do I need for my pond?

Ponds are beautiful, tranquil landscaping water features that add a new dimension to gardens, yards and landscapes. A pond filtration system prevents stagnation and foul-smelling water, deters alga... Read More »

How Do I Filter a Fish Pond?

A fish pond can be a relaxing and beautiful landscaping element, but if you don't keep it filtered and clean, it can transform into an odorous, bacteria-laden swamp. Filtration assists in the clean... Read More »

How to Size a Pond Aerator?

Aeration is one of the most beneficial and environmentally friendly methods for pond management. Of course, you can still use more-pointed maintenance methods, such as herbicides, water clarifiers,... Read More »