How old was Selena Gomez's Mother when she gave birth to Selena?

Answer Selena Gomez's mom was 16 when she gave birth to Selena and now Selena is 16 and now her mom is 32 (It's True!)

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Is Selena Gomez Related to Becky Gomez?

No Gomez is a very common Spanish name.They aren't related at all.

Is Selena Gomez's skype name Selena 4858 and how do you know?

No, Selena Gomez currently does NOT have Skype. I know this because I e-mail and facebook Selena. We've gotten to know each other over MySpace, and she's called me before. :) Edit- she actually... Read More »

What size pants does Beyonce wear?

Beyonce Knowles is known for her "bootylicious" body almost as much as she is known for her soulful singing. Beyonce may go up and down in her weight but according to "Star" magazine, Beyonce Knowl... Read More »

How do I determine what size women's pants to wear?

Measure Your WaistWrap a flexible measuring tape around the portion of your stomach where the waistband of your pants naturally rests--typically, where your navel is. Be sure the measuring tape lay... Read More »