What size of wood beam is used for barn roof purlins?

Answer Roof purlins, the wood strips used to tie roof trusses together and provide a point of attachment for roofing materials, are typically made from two by four lumber, spaced two feet apart.Source:Nat... Read More »

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How to Build a Post and Beam Barn?

A real post and beam barnThere are many articles on the web about building a post and beam barn. However all of them are wrong! They describe building a pole barn not how to build a post and beam b... Read More »

What size wood columns should be used,in a crawlspace, that sit on concrete mounts and support subfloor?

You have not given:Location - which may affect the applicable codes.Column spacing - which will affect the load-per-column.A 4x4 properly installed and braced, not overly long can support a substan... Read More »

How to Build a Barn Shaped Roof?

A barn shaped roof is a typical triangle-shaped ceiling traditional for structures such as barns, cottages, doll houses and dog houses. You can make a similar roof for your own woodworking projects... Read More »

What distance can you span with a wood beam?

The distance you can span with a wood beam depends on the weight that the beam will bear and the size of the beam. The more weight a beam will bear, the shorter the distance that the beam can span.... Read More »