What size of wood beam is used for barn roof purlins?

Answer Roof purlins, the wood strips used to tie roof trusses together and provide a point of attachment for roofing materials, are typically made from two by four lumber, spaced two feet apart.Source:Nat... Read More »

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How to Build a Post and Beam Barn?

A real post and beam barnThere are many articles on the web about building a post and beam barn. However all of them are wrong! They describe building a pole barn not how to build a post and beam b... Read More »

How to Build a Barn Shaped Roof?

A barn shaped roof is a typical triangle-shaped ceiling traditional for structures such as barns, cottages, doll houses and dog houses. You can make a similar roof for your own woodworking projects... Read More »

Old Barn Wood Crafts?

Making craft projects from old barn wood is satisfying for so many reasons---you exercise sound recycling principles, you reduce the amount of material going into dumps and landfills and you end th... Read More »

How to Update Barn Wood Walls?

Barn wood walls add a certain amount of character to any room but they can also be dark and somewhat dirty looking. An easy way to brighten and update barn wood walls easily and without breaking th... Read More »