What size of fitted sheets fits a california king bed?

Answer You need fitted sheets that state they are for a California king-sized bed or measure 72 x 84 inches, according to the University of Nebraska. Standard king-sized sheets are not adequate since the ... Read More »

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What is the difference between king size and california king sheets?

King-size beds come in two different sizes: the standard king and the California king, which is also called a Western king. The standard king-size bed is shorter but wider, at 76 inches wide and 80... Read More »

How do I fold fitted queen-size sheets?

Queen-sized sheets are large; start by laying your sheet across a bed or large table. Pick up the edge closest to you and put a hand in each fitted corner and reach up to the corners at the far end... Read More »

What size bed frame fits a king bed?

A king size bed frame measuring 80-by-76 inches wide. There are many bed frames available that you can adjust to different size kings. Most king beds are on two twin bed box springs.Source:Bed Frames

Poll what is the difference between a king size bed and a california king size bed?

A California King has more real estate, but unfortunately in this economy, the value sucks. hehehe..Seriously, Cali kings are for tall, skinny people...California King is 4 inches narrower than a ... Read More »