What size memory card works for the canon pc1080 digital camera?

Answer From a mathematical standpoint, such a question cannot have one answer since there are two missing variables; height and width, thus many combinations are possible. However, given that the ratio i... Read More »

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Where can you get a manual for the Canon PC1080 digital camera?

you can get any manual from canon at this website. Click on download library and follow directions. I believe you are looking for the power shot A400 series, which has a product number of PC 1080 ... Read More »

Can you use a SDHC card in your canon pc1080 camera?

I have a Canon Ixus 400 and have been using a 1GB Integral memory card on it for years - works absolutely fine!

Size of digital camera internal memory and is a memory card necessary?

most digital cameras come with a very small internal memory, allowing you to take anywhere from 10-25 pictures.

What size memory card is compatible with the samsung s860 digital camera?

The Samsung s860 digital camera uses a standard SD memory card, up to two gigabytes. It has a built-in 11 megabyte internal memory, but that will only store a few photos.Source:Samsung Imaging: S86... Read More »