What size is a slab of granite?

Answer Slabs of granite typically come in pieces that are 10 feet long. Slabs of granite vary in thickness, color and price and are a desirable option for homeowners who want to increase their equity.Sour... Read More »

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What is granite slab?

Granite is an igneous rock formed by cooled magma or lava, and has different color and texture patterns, typically with a sparkly sheen due to crystals in its structure. It is enhanced, dug up or e... Read More »

What Are the Dimensions of a Granite Slab?

The minimum size of a granite slab is approximately 105 inches by 54 inches. These slabs can be between 0.75 inch thick up to 1.25 inch thick. However, these dimensions can vary slightly from compa... Read More »

Modular vs. Slab Granite?

Granite can lend a countertop a polish, natural beauty and elegant style. Since granite slabs can be expensive, a modular granite counter is an alternative. Modular granite counters offer some of ... Read More »

How do I fix a crack in a solid slab of granite?

Prepare the StonePrepare the granite stone slab by thoroughly washing with mild dish soap any dirt, oils or grime from the surface in and around the crack. Use a cotton towel to dry the granite sur... Read More »