What size is a Contra dance floor?

Answer Contra dancing, often called "barn dancing" or "American dancing," is related to square dancing. There is not a set Contra dance floor size; more important considerations are the surface of the dan... Read More »

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What size dance floor is appropriate for 500 people?

On One Hand: A Large Dance Floor Will Be NecessaryWhen estimating the size of a dance floor, recommends reserving approximately nine square feet per couple, or four to five square ... Read More »

How to Contra Dance?

For those who don't know, contra dancing a a great form of exercise that you can do on your own, with friends, or with a significant other. The people are great to be around, and it's a great atmos... Read More »

What size are floor pillows?

Floor pillows are usually round or square. Though their sizes may vary, an average has become the standard. Square floor pillows are 25x25 inches. Round floor pillows have a diameter of 25 inches.R... Read More »

What is the floor size for basketball?

The size of the floor on a basketball court is the same for professional and college basketball. Both men’s and women’s basketball courts are 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. A regulation high sc... Read More »