What size headers are needed for a loft?

Answer According to the Home Improvement and Financing plan for a loft bed, the size of the pine lumber for the header should be 6 feet and 2 3/4 inches with a drop 6 1/4 inches. The thickness of the wood... Read More »

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Is a box spring needed for a loft bed?

Lofted beds do not require a box spring matress. The maximum recommended thickness for a matress on a lofted bed is 9 inches. You can add a foam pad, such as egg crate, for added thickness and comf... Read More »

How to Make a Full Size Loft Bed?

Few prefabricated loft beds come larger than twin size, despite the added sleeping room above and storage space below. Fortunately, you can build a full-size loft bed in an afternoon for less than ... Read More »

What size of bow is needed for a violin?

The proper size bow for a violin depends not just on the player's age, but also the player's arm length. For example, an adult with an arm length of 23 inches will use a 29.5-inch bow, while a chil... Read More »

What size heater is needed for an aquarium?

On One Hand: General Rule of ThumbGenerally, you need 3 to 5 watts of heating per gallon of water in an aquarium for tropical fish. Aquariums sized at 10 gallons or less may require 5 to 10 watts p... Read More »