What size guitar should you buy for a child?

Answer On One Hand: Start off SmallChildren often have a hard time learning to play on a full-size guitar. They may find it difficult to reach over, to hold, and to press down the strings to form chords. ... Read More »

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How old should a child be to ride in the car without a carseat or what is the weight the child should be?

AnswerThis is regulated individually by each state, so you should check with the driving manual or on the dmv website of the state where you are driving. Typically, there is a weight limit for the ... Read More »

What is the standard size of an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitars have three key dimensions. The nut separates the neck from the headstock and usually measures about 43 millimeters. The scale length, the distance from the nut to the bridge, typic... Read More »

Should a Beginner Start With an Electric Guitar or an Acoustic Guitar?

Believe it or not, there is a science to housekeeping. Keeping a home clean requires planning, precision and a concerted effort from everyone involved. Although it is rarely easy, cleaning house ca... Read More »

Should I take guitar lessons or learn guitar myself?

I STRONGLY suggest that you get a few lessons first. A book or a video, is ok, later, but a video can't correct mistakes.You need someone that can watch you play.