What size golf grip is right for me?

Answer On One Hand: Check the Size of Your GloveAccording to, the first way to determine your golf grip size is to check the size of your glove. A small glove matches an undersized grip, a m... Read More »

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What is golf grip solvent made of?

The grip solvent manufactured by Brampton Technologies is comprised of isoparaffinic hydrocarbon (70 to 80 percent), water (10 to 20 percent), fatty acid soap (10 to 20 percent) and nonionic surfa... Read More »

What is the proper grip pressure in golf?

A proper grip should be fairly light. Two good images to help you with the proper grip pressure are to imagine holding a bird firm enough to restrain it but not firm enough to hurt it or holding an... Read More »

What can be used as a grip solvent for golf clubs?

If grip solvent is not available, some substitutes include lighter fluid, mineral spirits, paint thinner, WD-40, var-sol, denatured alcohol, hairspray, gasoline, a blend of one part dish soap and t... Read More »

How to Re Grip Golf Clubs?

This a step-by-step tutorial on how to re-grip golf clubs at home with basic house hold items and supplies. This method works very well.