What size extension ladder should I use?

Answer On One Hand: There is a Simple FormulaTo ensure maximum safety when using an extension ladder, the base of the ladder must be placed at a distance that measures one-fourth of the height to the ladd... Read More »

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How do i determine the size of an extension ladder?

DefinitionAn extension ladder is non-supporting ladder that requires being placed against an object for support. There are two or more separate sections. These sections travel within a guide or bra... Read More »

What is standard width of a 20 foot extension ladder?

The width of a 20-foot extension ladder depends on the manufacturer; however, most companies manufacture a ladder with an outside width of 18 inches plus or minus an inch. Some ladders will have a ... Read More »

What size ladder is needed to reach 16 feet?

To reach 16 feet you have two choices. Your first option is to use a 12-foot stepladder and your second option is to use a 24-foot extension ladder. The extension ladder will need three feet abov... Read More »

How to Use an Extension Ladder?

Working with ladders is not difficult, if you understand the proper techniques involved. The most important thing to remember when working with ladders is to be safe. Many things can go wrong if la... Read More »