What size electric heater for an inground pool is needed?

Answer On One Hand: Size of PoolTo get an appropriate size electric pool heater, it is important to know the size of pool and the amount of water that needs to be heated. Determine the area of your pool b... Read More »

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What size pool heater is needed for a pool with 30,000 gallons?

H-series heaters are recommended for a 30,000-gallon swimming pool. The surface area of the pool should be calculated by multiplying the length and width of the pool. The surface area of the pool d... Read More »

What is the average size of an inground swimming pool?

Answer 20 x 40It would more likely be closer to 15' X 30' with an average deep end at 8' and 3' to 3.5' in the shallow end. - giving you an aveage depth of about 5.5'.

What size heater is needed for an aquarium?

On One Hand: General Rule of ThumbGenerally, you need 3 to 5 watts of heating per gallon of water in an aquarium for tropical fish. Aquariums sized at 10 gallons or less may require 5 to 10 watts p... Read More »

What size electric heater do I need?

Choosing the right size electric heater for your home depends on the size of the area you want to heat and how often heat is needed. From convenient and portable to energy saving and cost effective... Read More »