What size drill bit is needed for a 1/4-inch tap?

Answer Drill-bit sizes will vary according to the size of tap. When drilling for a 1/4-24 NS tap, a #4 size drill bit is required; 1/4-28 NF requires a #3 drill bit; 1/4-32 NEF uses a 7/32 drill bit; and ... Read More »

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What size drill bit is needed for a yellow rawlplug?

Rawlplugs are colour-coded by size; a yellow rawlplug requires a 5mm drill bit and a screw size between number 4 and number 8. Red, brown and blue rawlplugs are available for larger drill bit and s... Read More »

How to Drill Very Small Holes with Wire Size Drill Bits?

Drilling small holes with wire-sized drill bits can be especially difficult. The smaller the drill bit, the more likely it is to break. You must be especially careful to keep small drill bits cool,... Read More »

What size drill bit is used to drill sea glass?

A special type of drill bit is ideal when working with and drilling sea glass. For sea glass drilling projects, a diamond drill bit is the best choice. The diamond drill bit should have a ball ti... Read More »

How many 4 inch by 8 inch bricks are needed to build a walk 6 feet wide and 24 feet long?

there are 59 standard size bricks...if that helps Assuming you mean 6 feet high then 648.