What size do I need to use to design snowboard in Photoshop?

Answer If you had given the actual company name, then we could probably have given you the exact information that you want. So I will show you what I got just by doing a quick Google search using the fol... Read More »

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What is the right size for a snowboard?

Snowboards are sized on rider's height, weight, boot size and riding style. Board length should come up to between your chin and your eyes when stood on end. Heavier riders, or riders with large b... Read More »

What is the right size snowboard for height 5'6?

This depends heavily on weight and preference but a 152 wouldn't be a bad start.

What size boots will fit on a rome agent snowboard?

The Rome Agent snowboard comes in a standard width only, measuring around 250 centimeters. This would allow any male with a boot size of up to 11 to ride the board without too much of the boot hang... Read More »

The pt size on photoshop wont reduce the text size to 8pt. its way too big?

8pt is the default minimum size I Photoshop!! You can type size pt manually,try entering 2 or 3pt :)Or you can simply scale that text layer !!select that text layer and then Edit>Transform>Scale (o... Read More »