What size chandelier is for a large 2 story foyer?

Answer On One Hand: Square FootageRegardless of ceiling height, one should first choose chandelier size based on the square footage of the room. If a room is smaller than 10 by 10 feet, then a 20-inch di... Read More »

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How high do you hang a foyer chandelier?

In order for your foyer chandelier to provide proper lighting to the space, you should hang it approximately two thirds of the way up from the floor. For example, if you have a room with a ceiling ... Read More »

What Colors Are Good for a Two-Story Foyer?

Painting a two-story foyer can be difficult and dangerous. While you can use an extension ladder, it is safer to build a scaffold. Once your scaffold is assembled, you must disassemble it and move ... Read More »

What Is a Good Color to Paint a Two-Story Foyer?

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How low should you hang your foyer light in a 2 story house?