What size chainsaw should be used to top trees?

Answer For trees around 10 inches in diameter, use a chainsaw with a blade at least 18 inches in length to top trees. For trees more than 15 inches in diameter, use a 24-inch bar and blade chainsaw.Source... Read More »

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I need a chainsaw to cut down trees on my property but I?

I think I saw that ? on a home superstore commercial once!Seriously, you should be able to go to one of those in your community (or hardware store that sells lawn & garden equipment) and explain yo... Read More »

What is the engine size of a Echo 750 Evl chainsaw?

How do I determine chainsaw chain size for a Stihl?

Measure the BarMeasure the bar, with a tape measure, from the tip to the point it intersects with the body. Round up all measurements. For example, if you're bar measures 23 and 2/3 inches this wil... Read More »

Do miniature lemon trees have normal-size lemons?

The lemons produced by a miniature-size lemon tree are slightly smaller than regular lemons. The shape of the lemons is more round, and they grow up to 3 inches in diameter. Regular lemons reach up... Read More »