What size cabinet is for a'd'shaped lazy Susan?

Answer D-shaped lazy Susans require a cabinet width of 20", 22" or 32" and about two inches less in cabinet depth. The shaft adjusts to fit the cabinet's height. The opening width should be 11" for a 20",... Read More »

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How do i adjust a lazy susan cabinet?

ProcessUse a flashlight to locate the bracket under the shelf. Hold the shelf up and loosen the screw that holds the bracket in place just to the point where you can move the bracket to the new pos... Read More »

How do I build a lazy Susan TV cabinet?

Collecting MaterialsCollect the three materials you'll need for your lazy Susan: a round, wooden top; a double-sided metal bearing assembly (swivel); and the cabinet you're attaching the lazy Susan... Read More »

How do I adjust a lazy Susan cabinet pole?

Locate the Adjusting ScrewsRemove everything from the lazy Susan, and examine the pole in the middle. You should see an Allen wrench nut, which adjusts the height that controls the rotation and bal... Read More »

How do I adjust shelves in a cabinet with a lazy Susan?

Find the ScrewsKneel down on the floor, and open the lazy Susan. Find the locking screws that hold the shelves in place. They are located in the center of the shelves near the shaft.Adjust the Scre... Read More »