What size breaker is needed for a kitchen stove?

Answer The circuit breaker should be 50 amps and 220 volts. Your kitchen stove must be on a dedicated circuit, one in use for the stove alone.Source:What Size Breaker Is Needed For a Kitchen Stove?

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What size wire is needed for a 50 amp breaker?

The 6 AWG is the preferred wire size for a 50 amp breaker. Breakers respond to the ampacity of a passing current. An undersized wire often burns up equipment, breakers and the wire itself. The 50 a... Read More »

What size breaker is needed for a Lincoln 225-amp arc welder?

The Lincoln model AC-225 welder requires an electrical breaker rated for 220 volts alternating current, single phase, with 50 amps minimum. The Lincoln model AC-225 welder has an output of 225 amps... Read More »

What size circuit breaker is needed for a 13 amp pump?

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), a circuit breaker should not be operated at more than 80 percent of its rated value, to offset the effects of heat. A 13 amp circuit breaker could t... Read More »

My kitchen size is 10(L)ft x 12(B) maximum budgt is 65000/-, is it possible to make a modular kitchen?

There are hundreds of manufacturer and you have to choose the design that you like most. Prices vary from Rs.40,000/- to ??? Sky is the limit. Just visit the site quoted under.