What size baseboard heater do I need?

Answer Electric baseboard heaters are a very efficient alternative to forced air heating. They are a reliable supplement for wood, coal and pellet burners. Perhaps the most useful aspect of baseboard heat... Read More »

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What is the size of a baseboard heater?

Baseboard heaters come in a full range of sizes. While the vast majority of baseboard heaters are less than 10 inches high, their length can vary from about two to six feet. The size of the room to... Read More »

What size baseboard heater is needed for a living room?

The size of baseboard heater needed for a living room will vary greatly based on the size of the living room. In order to purchase the appropriate sized baseboard heater, carefully measure the squa... Read More »

How do I remove a baseboard heater?

Turn the Heater OffLocate all heater circuit breakers in the main panel box, and turn them off. Allow the baseboard heater to completely cool before attempting to remove.Remove the HeaterRemove the... Read More »

Who invented the electric baseboard heater?

The patent for an electric baseboard heat storage unit was issued on December 20, 1966, 83 years after Thomas Edison first invented electric heating. The unit was invented in the U.S. by Charles D.... Read More »