Im 15 and my breasts are already a size E there anyway i can reduce there size ?

Answer I wish people of your age would not ask questions of this type. You are inviting idiotic perverts to respond in their pathetic, immature ways.If you have a problem like this...go and see your Docto... Read More »

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Breasts Size?

I would stay at c cups my friend. You dont want to go overboard with the breasts you know. At 167lbs, you would probably look just right at a C cup. Good luck on that, and ignore these fools who ar... Read More »

How to Make Two Different Size Breasts Appear the Same?

Having breasts of two different sizes is a surprisingly common problem. There are several simple ways to solve it so you remain comfortable and fashionable.

How to Measure the Breasts for the Correct Bra Cup Size?

The British Chiropractic Association states that wearing the wrong bra size is a leading cause of back pain among women. If you haven't measured yourself lately, there's a good chance that you're c... Read More »

I am curious about the size of breasts men prefer...............?

Size isn't that important but an extra one between the shoulder blades would be nice so when you have a slow smoochy dance theres one there to fondle & it would also come in handy when your wife sl... Read More »