What size are cloth napkins?

Answer Cloth napkins come in standard square sizes of 12, 14 and 16 inches. The smaller napkins are used for beverages and luncheons. The larger napkins are used for formal dinners. Sizes noted are the ... Read More »

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Homemade Cloth Napkins?

Cloth napkins are sometimes considered old-fashioned, formal accessories for dining, but they can be used for casual gatherings and everyday family meals. Make your own cloth napkins for special oc... Read More »

How do I get glue off cloth napkins?

Freeze the GluePlace glue-stained cloth napkins in a freezer bag. Place the freezer bag in the freezer and leave it overnight. The hardened glue will be easier to peel from the cloth. Remove the cl... Read More »

How to Get Cloth Napkins Clean?

There was a time when cloth napkins were the norm at most every meal. Nowadays, you are likely to see cloth napkins only at fancy restaurants or holiday meals. No matter what type of food or drink ... Read More »

How do i wrap silverware in cloth napkins?

Wrapping Silverware in Cloth NapkinsTo wrap silverware in a cloth napkin, first fold the square cloth napkin into a triangle. Next, put the silverware onto the napkin. Then fold in the bottom right... Read More »