What size are Pokemon cards in pixels?

Answer That depends on the dpi (dots per square inch) of the image. Pixels are a relative measurement, based on the current resolution of your monitor, whereas centimetres are a fixed unit of length.

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What is the size of a CD cover in pixels?

The size of a CD cover cannot be measured directly in pixels. The number of pixels present in an image is dependent on the dots per inch of the image.Source:Dimensions Guide: CD Cover DimensionsMor... Read More »

What Size Should My Standard Landing Page Be in Pixels?

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What is A4 paper size in pixels screen resolution is 1280x800. ?

A4 is 210 x 297mm. An image is expressed in pixels x pixels.The two are totally different things.You can put an image of 210 x 297 pixels on an A4, but you can also put an image of 21000 x 29700 pi... Read More »

What Cards Are Legal for Pokemon Tournaments?

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