What size are Jeep tires?

Answer Jeep tire size depends on model type and amount of lift. The Wrangler takes 32-inch tires for no lift, 33- to 35-inch tires for 2-inch lift, and 35- to 37-inch for 3- to 4-inch lift. Other models s... Read More »

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What Size Tires Will Fit a Jeep Cherokee?

The OEM tire size for a Jeep Cherokee is 225/75R15. An aftermarket 235/75R16 tire will fit an unlifted Cherokee. 235/75R17 tires will fit with a three-inch lift kit.Source:Jeep Cherokee tire size g... Read More »

Can you run 39.5 in tires on a Jeep JK 4-door?

You cannot run a 39-inch tire on a stock Jeep Wrangler JK. The largest tire that will fit on a stock Jeep JK is a 285/70/17, which measures 32.7 inches. Lift kits are available that will allow you ... Read More »

Will 35-inch tires fit a Jeep Wrangler?

Thirty-five-inch tires can fit onto a Jeep Wrangler, provided you first have the tools and knowledge to personally customize the frame without damaging the vehicle itself. For most consumers, the a... Read More »

The Correct Way to Rotate Tires on a Jeep?

Jeeps typically come with a full-size spare on a wheel that matches the mounted rims. Using the spare in a five-tire rotation pattern will promote even wear on all five tires and gets some useful l... Read More »